Sunday, January 10, 2016

Being Strict or Relaxed

Good Morning,
Being Strict or Being Relaxed; this morning we have snow on the ground (about 2 inches); we went to a concert yesterday and all three bands were very good, each band had a song that was very good. The middle school band was very good overall. The all district high school band was OK on the first pieces but very good on the last piece. The last high school all district some all sate students was the best band overall. I heard from some students that that band director was extremely strict. I could tell in the student performances in the last concert. They played extremely well.
My grandmother in Pasadena was relaxed and kind, Margie was extremely strict (like the last band director) My dad's father did things very well and was consistent and correct but relaxed. 
Later this morning I am going to remove the movies from my phone.
I learned to use my computer and the Google Chrome Browser as a tool to view video files on my TV.
Here is the progression via print screen photos of my website. I could of done a YouTube video of my laptop to explain it but I will just use photos here.

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