Friday, December 4, 2015

Passenger Van

Good Morning,
I read when I go to the rest room; I use my LG G lite Tablet on those occasions. I also use the tablet when I travel and have to wait in a waiting room. I read  eBooks on my tablet; Laurel Rose gets free eBooks from Amazon; she is a Amazon Prime Member (mostly free shipping on products).
I use my Smartphone for text and calls; I also use the Smartphone for shopping and gift lists. The main purpose for the Smartphone is to keep Laurel Rose aware of my whereabouts (I lost my van in an airport parking lot and I walked the lot for over an hour trying to find our vehicle (it was nestled between two passenger vans)). 
I use my laptop to write, work on websites, surf, chat and google.
We finished up our shopping at Shopco and while there my body said "Go Home" when I got home I was as weak as a kitten and so I let mom do whatever needed to be done. She sorted out the gifts and was pleased with the results; we need to go back for some cat food so  hopefully I can do that today.

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