Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Bite at a time

Good Morning,
I can tell you how I feel but I cannot tell you how mom feels. I feel uncomfortable this morning. I had a good nights rest but behind my knees it aches and my lower back aches. Not a lot but enough to now that walking will not help. I did well yesterday and mom drove without any medication. Mentally I am great.
Yesterday we bought canned cat food and a lot of vegetables and fruit. Today I think we rest. This year we will paint with lights a Christmas Tree on our cabinet; I am not moving the red chair out of the living area.


  1. dad, when I come next week, I can get out a few decorations for you guys for christmas. Rest is good. It was a long busy week for us. Missed seeing you guys, but it was probably good I was here. Seems I was trying to fight off a cold for several days with lots of sneezing and an itchy nose. I happened to be around someone who had a serious sinus infection and I was being cautious staying here. The kids and I are taking extra vitamin C

    1. Mom is week and under the weather; she does not want to eat or keep anything down. Hopefully she will be fine on her day to go to the doctor (Wednesday 9:15 AM, Clarksville).