Friday, May 1, 2015

I Have a Problem with Small Engines: Ethanol

Why Use Ethanol Free Gas for Small Engines?
I have a tendency to leave gas in mowers; I do not always do as I am told to do by the manufacture of my machines and I have ruined many small engines for not doing what I should. 
By using Ethanol Free Gas you can make it easier on yourself as less water in your small engine does help it more than automobiles. 
Although these blended fuels burn cleaner than pure gasoline, the ethanol absorbs moisture from the air. Over time, that water can separate and drop, along with ethanol, to the bottom of your fuel tank. This is when problems like corrosion, stalling and engine damage start.
In your auto you move the automobile gas plus gas stations remove the water from their tanks. Gas floats and the water sinks to the bottom of station tanks. It is easy for a station to have a fuel truck come by and pump the bottom of their tank and take it back to the dealers million gallon tank where the water goes to the bottom of their tanks too. Gas stations normally sell the top portion of their gas tanks to keep your gas ( hopefully) water free.

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