Friday, May 1, 2015

Tough Chore and I am proud of Mom and Allison

Good Morning,
37 degrees here at home in Marion. I was kind of worried when mom watered her flowers yesterday because of the cool temperatures this week but I looked out and they look fine; maybe I have to look out after the sun comes up?
Today I mulch a little, go get mower gas (no corn or grasses). I need to find a pliable hose or I may take a black hose and put it up front; questionable?
I feel good mentally and physically; I wear the back belt when I mow and that does give my back more time to recuperate from other tough back chores; it seems to work great. I do have a man that comes twice a month to weed eat our yard and that helps a lot. Mom and Allison are doing the flower projects once a week.
The plants are OK. Well I mulched and found and placed the hoses where they need to be; checked the pool (needs to be shocked again and clarified) and it is still 65 degrees down deep (it is warmer up at the top; closer to 70).  Maybe when it gets closer to 70 I will hop in to place the steps in; first I will throw the steps in, then jump in then anchor the steps with weight then step out.

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