Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mulch a Little

Good Morning,
It looks nice outside; Our Tiger Lilly came to the window and meowed. I thought she wanted in. No she wanted us to come out and play.
It rained yesterday so my mowing did not get done; today I will mow; yesterday I mulched a little. I do heavy layers of mulch. 
My father taught me how to make the soil fertile by using different types of soil, sand, clay, mulch, grass clipping, seed shells, limestone (salt size), cow manure and potting soil. You mix equal amount of each into a wheel barrow and mix. Keep meats out and vegetable scraps in (dogs will dig up meats). Make sure the manure has sat in a pile for a while and decayed a little. You can buy bags of each at most hardware stores or you can it at home by collecting what you have available.
Went out to move my brush pile; I mowed a place to place it and I noticed that the grasses are too wet to mow, I will wait until 10 AM to mow; that will give the dew some time to leave the area a little.

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