Monday, March 9, 2015

We've had Cats

Good Morning,
Most of our Tom's have been to lazy and wild, got into fights and died. No Tom cats at present. We have two female cats that are cats and not pets. One is getting old with bald spots and really too tired to hunt anymore. Most of her life she ate outdoors and ignored our pet foods. It is only a fondness to stay around us that she decided to eat canned food. Dolly her niece does go out, becomes a cat, her hair stands on end and her senses are of a cat; she is aware of the dangers outside. All the rest of the cats like the indoor environment. Maybe when the birds start singing the cats will go out and lay in the grass.

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  1. I have four tomcats outside, plus the ones who visit make more. I think we lost one over the first deep snow and frigid below zero temperatures and that was our beautiful blue eyes Hemi. We are lucky to only have two breeding females which I desperately need to do something about before they multiply. It may be too late already :( Need donations to spay these females, hahaha, Oh well....