Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wet and Muddy

Good Morning,
47 degrees, raining and muddy; the snow went into the ground and it is slowly draining away into the streams, creeks and rivers. The rivers are rising.
I moved the van yesterday for the first time in about a week.  I had to cruise around town to charge the battery; it has been some time and the battery needs to be charged.
I guess age holds my soreness to normal. When I worked I had soreness all the time in the mornings but I worked it out. Today working it out takes more time and care as muscles pull a lot easier now. I can pretty much assume now that muscles have been pulled away from places they should be. I remember that when they fixed my ankle ( (it would bend 90 degrees in the wrong way) the doctor said, "Huumuh!)). He fixed it by drilling a hole in my foot bone and putting the tendon through the hole; pulling it tight and sewed it back into itself (like a tight rope splice) So at my age I have a lot of loose tendons.

My ankle would bend 90 degrees without any pain; the tendons were pulled way out of shape.

It was not hard to trip myself if I was not careful and when I did the tendon would stretch more out of shape; the doctor said, "Huumuh that is loose!"

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