Thursday, November 20, 2014

Twenty Degrees

Good Morning,
Yesterday I had tamales with sour cream and cheese. Within the half hour after eating the two tamales I lost it all from two different direction. That was a miserable 30 minutes. I was fine after the 30 minutes of hell.
Today we concluded it was not the tamales or cheese but the sour cream that did me in.
I stopped by my sisters blog and she is posting how she feels and that is good because she did lose a good friend and husband.
Posting does wonders to the mind and makes life a bit more tolerable after such an incredible loss.
I think od the people I love and care about and think to myself, what would it be like. Not pleasant for sure.

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  1. Isn't there a pill or something you can take because you are lactose intolerant, so that you can eat dairy products? I love sour cream and can't imagine doing without dairy. Take care of yourself.
    Love you,