Saturday, November 22, 2014

51 degrees

Good Morning,
I said 51 degrees this morning and tomorrow rain. It is a quiet morning even though my ears are ringing plus I hear active morning sounds of cups and stirring, a fan blowing air.
We feed a black cat outside and when he gets in a mood he terrorizes the other cats or kills someone. I do not like that so I stop feeding him. I will yell at him and let him know I do not approve. But he is a Tom Cat and I think he could care less. Anyway all the outside cats pay.

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  1. There is a gigantic black n white tomcat that comes here to eat who behaves the same way, and sometimes I yell at him and chase him away when he terrorizes cats that live here, but when he is being nice I let him eat and sleep here if he wants to.
    love you,