Saturday, October 25, 2014

Teeth Pulled and Laughing Gas

Good Morning,
I am up at 5:00 AM, I took an antibiotic, used an icepack for 10 minutes, I itch and that says that my pain pill is still functioning (I took it at Midnight). Not as much swelling this morning (a good sign). I do have a hangover and it is acceptable as it is.
I hope you are feeling good this morning. I hear a cat outside wanting in. It turned out that two white cats wanted in (Dolly and Dolly‘s aunt Tiger Lilly came in). They both look healthy.
My head feels full. Yesterday during the prelims they tried to put laughing gas into my system but I could not breathe in and exhale through my nose. My left lower throat started to swell and my chest tightened so they immediately shut off the laughing gas and used oxygen and numbed the lower jaw area and that worked fine. I kept my eyes shut as the physically popped out the teeth.
It took about 40 -60 minutes on the way home for the area to clot properly.
Laurel is sleeping in this morning. Allison explained to mom (a reminder) that sleep is the time for major improvements in your health.
I got up from this chair to let a cat out and my stomach goes woozy. I am sitting now and I think posting will keep me woozy.

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