Friday, October 24, 2014


Good Morning,
It 48 degrees outside this morning and it is 70 degrees inside our home. That tells me that our society and I have come to terms  and I paid for a service and it was delivered to my home via cable or pipe. I think every one in our community (commune) has done the same. There are variables as there are different points of view but generally we all agree to pay for a service to make things easier.
Back in the 1940's 1950's and 1960's we paid the country high taxes to have our society paved, crossed and as mentioned above provided with a service. Between our government (federal and local) we provided a service for fee (taxes).

Today since all the goods are here ( places where we see them) we do not need to build them again so why pay for a tax? Well it seems everything just fell apart and we need society to pay for them again (that is when the big corporations abandon ship) and our president declared we do not need taxes.

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