Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Good Morning

Folks think that if they tell to me what they say it may turn up here on this blog. That is probably true.
The temperature is in the 40's at time of morning. I just had my second cup of coffee (really mug) and I had a terrible dream while I napped here in my chair and woke up with a coffee hangover headache.
The dream was funny and really said something about my abilities at 72.
Here is the dream.
I loaded two uneven timbers  on saw horses ((10" X 15" and 13" X 18") both were about 15' long). Remember that this is a dream I had a few minutes ago. I had a floor sander on top of the timbers and I was sanding the timbers smooth. The one that was higher than the other had a deep round rut in it where I let the sander sit for a moment (apparently a senior moment). While I was looking at the timbers some 8 years old's ran off with both timbers and I stood there just flabbergasted. 
That was the dream. My dreams are not smoothly edited or cut properly; my dreams move time and moments in strange time space jumps.
 My headache is gone and I am just about ready to go outside and work on the lawn mower.

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