Monday, March 10, 2014

Good Morning

Allison and the kids left Sunday afternoon. They were here because their water heater broke down Friday and they had no hot water over the weekend. So they came here to bathe and wash some clothes.
It was also a nice visit.
Monday Morning, it is 34 degrees outside this morning. It is warm out and the snow is about gone and I can get into my shed this  morning. I have a tire (I had a tube put into a rear flat tire) and a new battery to put on my mower. I also have a tune up kit (oil, oil filter, spark plug, gas filter and air cleaner filter) to put in/on the riding mower.
It is very wet and muddy out in the yard. Maybe this week if I find a dry spot I can till a row or two for lettuce and young spinach. I took the fence (half of it) down it looked pretty crappy.

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