Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter and a Human Being

I can read a book and the author will take us on a particular adventure or emotion. I studied the mental philosophy of the human mind and how it deals with life and religion. I read books and I also stayed up in my mind thinking about why I was on the planet and why I was going to die by atomic explosion before my full lifetime was complete. Looking back it did not happen but a 10 year old child does not have that perspective; my mind only has the newsreel prospective of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. I have read a lot of books in my lifetime and the only things I remember were the vague sense of what each book was about. My mind does not remember details that would make me an ideal high school or college student. My early interests were art and Michelangelo Buonarroti and religion (the first religion studied was called Christianity). The mind of Mahatma Gandhi came next as well as all the saints.
Anyway you do get the idea of how my mind developed and as years passed and about my minds vagueness but overall understanding of what I saw and heard.
Where we are going is winter and the time we spent in caves and homes where going outside was very dangerous. In today’s environment we have heated structures and heated vehicles.
Winter being dark, overcast, gray, cold and deadly made it hard on men hunting for food. And with women and children moving outdoors was almost deadly without proper care and supervision.
So what do we do when the first hint of cold, ice and snow start to fall. We paint color and celebrate. I try to paint the canvas of computer images and words to please the winter blues and by saying, "Good Morning" to wash the morning sickness out of our mouths, minds and hearts.
Here are two paintings I did for the winter mind and the photograph of our Winter Holiday Tree above.

Cave by Tomas
The Cave is a philosophical and religious piece. Starting with the arts and history and what what we share as individuals and ending with the idea of god.


Wood, flint, stone, fire, ash, ore, sand, hair, leather, bones and vines.

 Gives us a hint of us asking to be left alone and what it is like.
A friend (Joanie) said, "Tomas be careful what you wish for."

Joanie beating a drum.

Cloth, paper, lead,carbon, steel, plastic, glass, concrete, oil,rubber, nylon, 
crystals and asphalt. 

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