Thursday, October 10, 2013

Team Mitch and Alison Grimes

Team Mitch and Alison Grimes

I wrote a letter to our Senator and his opponent about the upcoming election for United States Senate seat in Kentucky, inviting both of them to speak at our Retired Federal Employee Fall Round Up in Western Kentucky. I normally write in a crude and blunt way and my wife looked at the letter and immediately edited them to keep the emotions down and be a least cordial in my invitation.
Here is a copy of the letter my wife re-edited to be as least tactful. There are two documents one for each candidate that we were writing.
The purpose of this post is to generate publicity for Active and Retired Federal Employees and our cause to help Retired and Active Federal Employees who are being used as Scapegoats these last few days.

I did tell them both that there would be plenty of publicity. Alison did call back and wanted to know what time to attend the meeting but also said that they would try to get us on a scheduled trip to Western Kentucky. I did answer the phone and I am not too professional on the phone or just speaking in public, so I might have sent the wrong signal. But hay! I am a tax payer that represents a lot of retired Federal Employees.
Mitch never bothered to call us back ((mano a mano) Federal Employee to Federal Employee).
October 10, 2013: The Republican Party has shut down the government over Obama Cares. I seem to remember the quote from Mitch, " 'The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one term president,' says the Senate Republican leader."
He may have not been the spice these last few days but he certainly set the sauce cooking on the stove in October of 2010.
Anyway I was being nice by asking him to speak to us here in Western Kentucky. I would be very nice to him if he has planned to show up at our meeting. A lot of the folks here is Western Kentucky who are attending the Fall Round Up are very conservative Republicans.

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