Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Morning

 We have weather "the weather has changed" changing sniffles. How is that possible?
When did I changed from a "the ever present mind " to the busy bee. I find that labor hurts my back but busy computer stuff is pleasant. Walking "I walked my entire life" just hurts me after a bit. My legs heat up and my feet get cold. Nice? Old age has me avoiding any physical labor. And it is not that I do not like it, it is hard to bonce on a mower or push one. Bending over to lift is OK until tomorrow,"I never know?" Some days are like heaven on earth, "I know my heaven is here in the moment".
So I avoid anything that hurts me tomorrow, but that is not the way of the planet. But I do speak on these blogs but making a motion as in waving my mouth. Life should be more than entertaining my mind with thinking that what I say should help the aged.
Such jagged exposure to the English language. It is a confusing look at a mind in motion.

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