Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Afternoon it is Revolution

Good Afternoon,
It is closer to evening that to noon. The title is about revolution and the way our county changes. There is a ballot box, a soap box and a wall of protest. We are in the midst of poverty vs big corporations. We seen this before with Moses, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus, Unions and labor practices, Martin Luther King, Lincoln and the 1960's revolution.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan told America that Labor Unions were corrupt and America believed him. Ever since that time Corporate America has been stealing your money under the table with fees and lost benefits. Now they have high unemployment and they "Cherry Pick" the planet for the lowest labor costs without benefits.
So it is now the time to revolt and change the way the planet benefits it's labor force. We know that we can change with our strong relentless voices and words. I give Walmart a good slap in the face when they mistreat my wife. My revolution is my pen and paper and a constant explanation as to who hears my words.
I have a formula that works well.

1.Write the letter.
2. Send one copy to your local, "Letters to the Editor"
3. Send each of your Congressman a copy of the letter and tell them you posted it on your blog and sent it to your local, "Letters to the Editor".
4. Post it on your Blog and Facebook.

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