Friday, May 24, 2013

Good Morning,
We have sunshine and about 57 degrees here at home. I mowed a little and chipped some branches from my shrub pile which is getting smaller. The scrub pile is atop of the stump of our Hackberry which we lost during an ice storm. Things are pretty well decayed in that pile. Some hard woods need to be cut smaller but overall things are fine in that scrub pile. It will be almost flat by the end of this year. Hopefully a flower bed next year.
I feel good this morning though I had a reaction from something I ate yesterday and lost it in the rest room and trash can.
Anyway I am fine this morning.
The brush pile is behind the pool in the lower photo and alive and well in the top photo.

The pool temperature dropped this week to 65 degrees. I have been in it twice this May The first time it was 80 degrees and the second time it was 76 degrees. I will go out and chip some more brush and mow the lawn. Tomorrow I may roto-till the garden.

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