Friday, May 31, 2013

I Can't Write But I Do Write

That is the way it is for me, there are demons of the mild nature, laziness and sloth that creeps into my being and says, "just sit still" ( not the stillness of being and knowing but just sit because I do not want to do something).

I am not evil but I anger at folks that do not behave.
I am mostly still, active and very much in tune with the planet Earth and it's inhabitants.
I write because I love to release emotion.
The photo was taken at a NARFE Meeting in Trigg County, Kentucky in the city limits or just outside the city limits of Cadiz.
There is a balance in life active and still, war and peace, plus and minus, sweet and tart, hot and cold, sick or well, good and bad, yin and yang, work and play.
We all live on this planet we call Earth. God has his own name for it but we as a society have named it Earth. There is not any way to get off the planet very easy. Most options we have are stay, jump, fly, hop or die. The Space industry can push us beyond our local boundaries but not for any length of time. Unless we get shot into space and forgotten (wished well and maybe see you some day.)
So what are our options? Survive, that is where all the balance comes into play. Someone has to figure out how to start a fire, go find a habitat (home or cave).
I wrote this awhile back for the folks that feel independent: Click Here.

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