Friday, May 31, 2013

Been There Done That!

Good Morning,
It is a rainy day in Western Kentucky, time to do some indoor chores.
 I do computer Jigsaw Puzzles via FaceBook (in the last month), Sudoku via my Smartphone (I used to buy the books last year). I learned to make web pages via my sons Commodore 64 and Netscape Communicator (Netscape Composer). 
I, like everyone else my age, do something to keep mentally fit. I have a hard time with physical things because my back has been abused by physical strains, my ankles ache and of course old age has added its bumps.  
I begged my wife to get me a smartphone. I am not a phone person so why have a Smartphone? Well I do look up the local river stages, weather radar, weather reports, I do text and write lists and write a journal with my Smartphone. 
I am a "Soap Box" type person, persistent, boisterous and annoying.
So what am I doing with a job like District I Vice President? 
Well we have to move forward and folks my age are reluctant or really do not care about all this technology.
Been There Done That!
I have done most of my chores but there is one more I think I will just wait on it. It has been raining steady all morning. No thunderstorms just a steady mild wet rain.

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