Monday, May 6, 2013

Grandmother Run over by kid grab assing in a Walmart Store.

Good Morning,
My cold is on it's last legs. Mom may be in trouble at work for missing work with her cold. She worked one day with a cold and that did not help them or her. She took off work when she felt miserable. Walmart handles the sick like fowl beef if it looks good who cares. Their attitude sucks the big one. I can see Sam Walton hands scratching the surface of the earth and grasping nothing. I think he was trying to put sense where it belongs and grasps nothing.
Nothing I can do I just work here? Or Nothing I can do it is store policy. 
I feel good this morning morning and I am not sure of mom. Mentally I am fine and kicking mental bu:t as usual.
Our pool is ready but looking poorly. I need to clarify it, so it sparkles like a diamond. It is too cold to go into but in a week or so it will be fine.

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