Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Morning,
I still have that sleepiness that hangs about the body sometimes. Mom is getting ready for work this morning.
As I look outside I see fog. I may mow part of the grasses in our yard today; most of it is really wet. I would rather wait until tomorrow but I can't trust the weather these days as they are unpredictable.
I shocked the pool yesterday and hopefully it will clear up. Yesterday I bought some pool clarifier so I will use it today; hopefully it will do the job.
This year I will go into the pool every day, last year I waited for mom so I waited until she felt like swimming. That was a mistake as it made it impossible to maintain. The pool temperature is 56. I will get my cover out and warm the pool up.
I feel good this morning and I have been mentally active; websites, NARFE, Coalition, blogs, chores, Jigsaw puzzles and Facebook Pages. I am not great at exercise at this stage in my life. I do have the Wii, exercise bike, pool and garden; hopefully they will keep me active enough.

1 comment:

  1. You seem to stay pretty active with your mind and your body, and you don't get sick much. Your immune system is still strong like mine. You are wise to stay as active as your body allows.
    Love you!