Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Morning,
Today is Tuesday an last night i went to our local Crittenden County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community.
In June there will be a talk at the Ed Tech Center.
Today is Tuesday and I feel good physically and mentally. My endurance is not too swift and I cannot run any more. Too much walking across the dam on slick ice for a quarter mile; it look like this:
The wind swept water would cover the dam with ice in the winter. Most times it never snowed it was just water flying over the dam and leaving a layer of ice sometimes looking like this( round slippery hunks of frozen sticks and things) plus places where it was covered dally with layers of melted by the sun slickness. We took baby and very careful steps for a quarter of a mile until we got to the 118 steps up to the top of the dam.

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