Saturday, April 20, 2013

Good Morning,
It is always something that changes your plans. I had planned to see my granddaughter at her gymnastic meet when mom's van started shaking badly on the highway, we had planned to get her new tires this next payday. I took the van in to the tire store to see what the problem was? Hopefully it was something simple and maybe just $20.00 from our budget. But when the dealer called he said we needed two tires. We had only one choice (well two). One was new tires and the other was to park the van and let it go to seed. We chose to get the new tires which threw our budget out the window. 
Anyway I still feel good this morning, though I have mixed emotions. Win a few, lose a few. 
I did go to the Free Dump Day and got rid of those broken appliance that were parked in our garage. That is what those "Free Dump Days" are for , the big awkward stuff that regular pickups cannot handle. Old TV's , old computer and components, worn out radio's , etc.. I had a truck load. It gave a little more room out there in our garage.

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  1. Awe....that's too bad that you missed Little Sister's gymnastic competition. The pictures were nice and it looks like she did really well. I'm sure you all will be at her next competition.
    Love you,