Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Good Morning,
I did not realize it until a few minutes ago that mom left early for work. She left here at 0550 to be at work at 0700. Now that is new, she did tell me about it last week. It is now 0715 so she has been at work since 0700, now that is bright and early.
I know that my daughter and I are early birds by nature and mom is by being around us. When I first met mom she was a night-owl who did not have to be at work until 0900. Now she is accustomed to waking any time of the day.
Yesterday at Spring Sprint I was elected DVP for District I. Federation Area Officer District I is the real title for NARFE but in Kentucky it is District I Vice President.

District I. Federation Area Officer  Blog.

I have been outside expanding my garden spot.

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