Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Morning,

I listened to the pope this morning and here is what I heard. Joseph and Mary took care of their environment, protected and were good parents to Jesus. He asked us to follow Joseph's and Mary's example and take care of our children and the environment they live in.

I cleaned and washed clothes and a dresser in Allison's room yesterday, today I clean the floor in that room and finish the laundry I started.

I stand in an aura of warmth

A variety of emotions
A cross culture of a human being
I placed Christmas lights on a tree
I placed the Star of David a top the tree
I sent out a Hanukah gift and Christmas Greetings
I am listening to Jamiroquai
My mornings start anew without any thought
Pure…..then the ego emerges
I open my eyes then the light
I am the variety of my being
No peg…. There is no peg hole
Spirituality?…….Zen?......Hebrew?........ Christian?..........Agnostic?
Nothing ……. Confucianism?...... Yin Yang?.......
As a child my body was dipped into all those words
My ego took the best for my self…..greedy child
The sun brightens our days and the earth turns away the light.
I do not have a clue but I did travel though San Francisco in the sixties
And I did see the Manchurian Candidate.
I stand in an aura of warmth
Oh halo

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