Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Morning,
We have a comfortable 47 degrees here at home, Maybe a little damp out, the storms and rain are almost out of the state having moved to the east.
I was looking at words and the alphabet and the idea of familiarity. Yesterday I was looking at the word "comfy" kind of strangely as it seemed so out of place in our language. I think we all do this from time to time and as we look up our particular word in the English Dictionary (United States) and realize it has been spelled this way for a time (a least 100 years). We see words every few years that come from familiarity and popular usage and those are placed in our word dictionary but sometimes a word like comfy just doesn't click correctly. We all know that our mind does this and it causes no particular harm.
I have always been an adventurer and moving off was easy to do. Some folks have a hard time moving away from familiarity and what seems normal for them.
I wanted to watch a movie yesterday about St. Francis of Assisi. The movie was pretty bad but his ideas were reflected in my brain and familiar to me soon after reading about him when I was young 16-20 years of age. I have mentally followed his path (partially) most of my life. His point of view was always my favorite. I have taken a different path but the mind still here in my head lives in poverty; the bangles and beads, toys, machines and electronics are all superficial.
It was easy to drop out because I was familiar with poverty.

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