Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good Morning,
We have a comfortable 46 degrees outside this morning. I am sure if you were in a sleeping bag outdoors and not wet you would be nice and cozy. Well at least it is 70 degrees here indoors because we do have electricity, heat and water.
I feel very good this morning, mentally I am rooting the planet earth. All the surveys I take place the environment on their choices and I always pick the environment because if a couple of volcanoes blow near by then I have to flee if I am able.
Our kitten (teen) is home and sleeping in the bathroom, she has been out of it for the last 48 hours(groggy). She has no idea as to what happened, one moment she felt fine and the next she is awaking in our bathroom with a kitty litter, a bowl of water, food and a comfy rug.

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