Sunday, November 6, 2011

We wish Jerry a safe recovery as we say a little prayer this Sun Day Morning.

I did not get an extra hour of sleep because of the time changed and my habits did not understand any logic or planned arrival of time on our clocks. The planned world where I live made an adjustment but my body continued to be.
I must say that my nose is running rather well. I drilled some holes in our wall last night before bed and that dust is making it's rounds and my body is flushing the dust out (runny nose). I have all the fans running to filter out the dust before mom gets home from work.
We wish Jerry a safe recovery as we say a little prayer this Sun Day Morning. Like all good people on the planet earth we are expecting a miracle, sometimes it happens. With the technology we have today we can perform it ourselves as a community. Believing in our ability takes care of over half the battle. Just ask Florence Nightingale

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