Monday, November 7, 2011

I am up early; it is very dark outside and seasonally warm for Fall. I did look at the radar last night and a big cold weather storm is in our future; rain on one side and snow on the other side of the storm. It may go north of us but you never know about the weather.
I feel good this morning as thoughts of Jerry fill my morning thoughts. I know that strength and a remarkable bedside manor can help Jerry as well the strength of thought. We can flower the air with goodwill and ask the planet to awaken to remarkable will and good health.
Mom is off work today and she plans on doing a thorough cleaning of Allison's Room. (I am a constant user of spell checkers).
Sometimes I know the word because it is used quite often on the planet earth but I do not have a clue as to what spelling to look up? Google helps a lot because those folks have the common sense to understand that we as humans need help; so they have a database of mispronounced words or something close to the correct spelling and they give you a direction to go in. The dictionary's only give you correctly spelled database of mispronounced words. The words I had problems with were thorough and alot this morning.
I was very worried about our daughter and her children. I feel better about that and I know they feel better now. 

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