Monday, November 21, 2011

Thunder roared last night and the rain fell; it seems quiet now but the map shows more rain for Kentucky.
I tossed and turned as the lightning flashed and the sound of heavy rain on the roof woke me from time to time.
I feel sore this morning.
Mentally for me I am sound. I did watch Kentucky play basketball and NASCAR roar by yesterday.
I feel empty of thought and I seem to want to just sit and stare. The coffee is good and comfortable; it is a good taste this morning.
Loretta the Cat just by rubbed up against me and wanted me to pet her.
Mom's cat love me because I see them, sometimes feed them and open and close doors for them; but I see them because Mom loves cats inside our home. I would prefer just two mousers inside at a time and all the rest outdoors. I did ask one of them if they had seen any mountain lions outside in our neighborhood; they did not answer in any way I understood.
Here is a story about Kentucky wild life and mom. While I was at work (over 10 years now at least) mom heard a commotion outside, looked out and saw some steers in our yard. Mom is great with wild life and has no problem with dealing with animals. She went out to shoo them away but when she got out there a bull confronted her and she promptly moved back inside. She called our neighbor who informed her who owned the bull and steers in our yard. She called them and they came by and herded them back home which was just down the road and into a farm field of our neighbors.
While growing up in Pasadena (3 to about 9) my grandmother would take me wherever she went. She looked like a gray haired American Indian grandmother with long braids. She only spoke to me in Spanish (she grew up in a convent in Texas) and I only spoke English. In Pasadena I was not a boy who could ride in any moving vehicle, car, bus, trolley without getting sick (motion sickness and sometimes the fumes). The motion sickness was a constant with me. On one of her trips we went out in the country where one of our family or friends had a dairy farm. They had a son my age and he showed me the dairy operation and one of the bulls. I had no fear of bulls so when we went out in the bulls field we walked across the field until the bull started trotting toward us and we headed for the fence quickly. That part of the family/friend seemed rather well off.
On another trip with my grandmother we went out in the county to a home in an orchard; it looked ragged and poor with very little running water and chickens running free in the yard. The man of the house took me outside and showed me how to catch a chicken for dinner. Yes he did and I helped pluck the feathers. I was a city boy and felt like one.
In Pasadena my grandmother let me run free. I was not one to ride in any vehicle unless you wanted to clean it up after my ride.

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