Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cold, windy and wet is all we can expect from our Autumn days; it is raining, not hard but just cold and wet enough to make a pumpkin frown. The leaves did fall and the city truck with a vacuum did come by and picked up the leaves, they will mulch them and give them away or sell them (city taxes). I do not rake leaves; I let the wind blow the leaves into their own piles. I know very large cities sell them. It is never good to burn mulch it hurts the environment. Fires by lightning burn enough property and trees without us helping. Organic matter feeds the worms in the earth and the worms enrich the soil for gardens and trees.
 I did collect some Hibiscus seeds from Sandy's plants in our yard. I have one of Sandy's Yucca' in our yard too. I plan to plant those seeds into pots in January and plant them around our north and east side of our shed. I have them planted on the east side of our home and the west side of our shed.
I had a erosion problem on the west side of our shed so I loaded about 7 or 8 piles of rock there and pushed it under the shed then bought bags and bags of  rich top soil and placed them on the rocks and then I planted the potted Hibiscus from Sandy there. It worked; because now the area is free from erosion and the Hibiscus bloom; they are a blessing to see and their roots hold the soil in place.

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