Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Morning,
It is dark out in this area of the planet earth and it is quiet and to me peaceful.
Today I will go out and work on my brush pile; in a month or so our tomato plants will go into that pile of mulch.
I looked at the tomato vines and there were at least 500 green tomatoes that were created in our last month because of the late summer rains;  those were very late maturing plants (Early Girl and Beefsteak); those plants can further develop the new garden area for the future. I have the line out there I used to hold the plants up that needs to be removed because it is not organic and will not organically break down (the sun will dry rot it); it can be reused next year (those type of lines last 2 or 3 years before they fall apart; our solar cover is the same). 
The last solar cover we got was very heavy mil (thickness); it turned out to be non functional as mom could not handle it by herself and made the late night pool swim impossible. Our next cover will be easy to handle but will not last very long.

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  1. Maybe your tomatoes will grow big enough to have some fried green tomatoes. Boy how I love fried green tomatoes and now I can buy them hot and ready at two of our local restaurants.

    Love you!