Sunday, October 9, 2011

Today is Sunday the day for reflection.

Wood, flint, stone, fire, ash, ore, carbon, sand, hair, leather, bones, sap and vines.
We have a hint of rain out this morning. I see light blue skies with a vague pink in the distance, not pastel but just a hint of color. Well it is all color because that is how we view light with our eyes. Our colors out there this morning are morning as in the last days of life. Very reflective but not in a colorful way.
My back is sore from lifting the small sandbags 6 to 7 pounds sacks for the pool. Mentally I am fine.
Today is Sunday the day for reflection.
Cloth, paper, lead, steel, plastic, glass, concrete, oil, rubber, nylon, crystals and asphalt.

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