Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Morning, mom is off to work and I am drinking coffee. It is quiet and peaceful in this area of the planet earth; that is by choice. I did nothing but watch football and car races yesterday. Today I wash linen, do some dishes and finish up my sand bags; I have 3 more to do and if I am energetic I will run my chipper shredder.
I looked up energetic in the dictionary to find out how to spell it. I had no luck until I posted my misspelling on Google and Google said is this what you mean?
Sometimes I go 15 minutes without even coming close to the correct spelling of words. Sometimes I wish I had a mind like mom's.
I truly believe that a mothers love for a child from infancy to about 10 has a great deal to do storing data in the brain but then again I was knocked out cold when I got hit by an automobile at about 6 or 7. I do not know what happened until I awoke in the hospital. All I know was that I was crossing the street to go to the store.

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