Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TV Commercial - Flu Shots On-The-Go

The days in the sun are shorter as I awake; this area of the planet sees less time in the sunshine (the earth still gets a normal day of sunshine). I have to wait for the daylight a little longer in our Fall.
As we wait for the sun I will say that I feel very good mentally but I do have a foul lingering taste after I brushed and cleaned my teeth. It is a metal taste or maybe it is some lingering bacteria just waiting for an opportunity. Time have given ample time for my body to adjust and my mouth is fine now.
The other day we went to "CVS" and as we entered we saw the sign that said, "Flu Shots." We assumed that a table had been set up and we looked through the place looking for the opportunity to get a shot. We found nothing so we asked. The answer was that we had to have an appointment. I can go to our doctor to do that. A few days later I see the "CVS" commercial on TV stating that I can get a shot at "CVS" without an appointment. At the time we asked we did not know of the TV commercial.
It is daylight and mom is about and she is feeding the cats some cat chow and some hand treats; it is close to Halloween.
We do not get many folks at Halloween because of our location. The school system cut off traffic on our street to minimize, "Hot Rodding" by the school boys. Walking to our home from town has only one safe route (walking foot bridge) and it is out of the way for parents and their vehicles. The other routes are heavily traveled roads not suitable for walking children and slow moving parents in cars.

In the last 10 years the school parking lot has lost over 2/3 of it's automobiles. The parking lot in the year 2000 was completely full and overcrowded with automobiles. Now there is about 1/3 of that as high costs of insurance and no jobs for mom, dad and the kids.
I tried to sell my truck the other day and no one had any money to buy an old truck. A new truck yes but nothing old. I had one offer and he wanted to give $2500 and then re sell it for profit. I took it off the market; to me it is still valuable as a truck or a "Hot Rod".

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  1. We walked into Rite Aid Sunday and the pharmacist asked us if we wanted a flu shot, so we said, "yeah, why not." The pharmacist also advised me to get a lifetime pneumonia shot, so I did. I was just there to fill my prescription and nothing else but I ended up getting shot twice.