Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Leave it to the working (Wall Street, economists, news editors, TV analyst, Republicans) to analyze the unemployed walking near Wall Street.
There is no point trying to understand the unemployed. The best solution was figured out in 1933 and 1936 and it was called the New Deal.
I think the Republicans are waiting until after the 2012 election to implement it.
In the meantime we suffer even more.


  1. Harry Reid??? He caused unemployment??? He is behind the Senate refusing to pass the jobs bill??? It was his fault the banks are bilking the middle and lower classes and millions of people are in forclosure??? It's his fault this country is in the dump??? How about both Bushes getting us into the longest war ever fought by this country (the war in Afghanistan has been waging longer than WWII and the Civil War combined!!!) and these Bush-instigated wars are costing us, We The People, billions of dollars every day and costing our wonderful young men and women life and limb. Everything bad happening in this country right now is being blamed on President Obama and the Democrats when in reality all the bad things all started with the policies of the first Bush (and then the dumb second Bush) over OIL AND THE PURSUIT OF FILLING THEIR AND THEIR RICH REPUBLICAN FRIENDS' OWN POCKETS. Reid? What did he do??? Try to stand up for the good of the country and We The People? I don't think so.