Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

It is now eight in the morning and we have sunny blue skies. The trees here are slowly changing. We have had some thunder storms and warm weather (mid 70's) this last week and that has slowed the Fall changes.
Something died in our home; it is either an ant colony or some creature that came in from the cold and hid someplace behind a wall.
I feel good this morning and mentally I am fine.
These times remind me of France and the time the people Stormed the Bastille. The wealthy were isolated and immune to the 99% and they did not care.
The 99% are going to unite with the folks celebrating the Martin Luther King Memorial and march in unity in Washington DC.


  1. Re: The Cartoon. It won't do any good for those guys in the high building to raise the bank fees because it looks like the people below don't have any money, homes or jobs.


  2. I'd visit more but that temperature thing has to load & re-load each time I leave a comment. A link to the Marion weather would be fine. Maybe I'm just too impatient to wait around. Just thought you'd like to know.