Saturday, October 15, 2011

Remarkable Cloth

I went to bed and now I am up. It is 2300.
I saw one of the women who won the Peace Prize on TV a few minutes ago and she spoke of how she won peace for her family (her country).
I am up to take my medicine.
Mom went to work yesterday and our daughter went to a Craft Show in Paducah. Mom said her day was good. That made me feel good because I was worried for her pain but she said Tylenol helped and she was fine.

Kyle and I were living in poverty in a commune in California. We had nothing but the cloth on our backs. We did not even have a rice bowl.
We went to the monastery to see what it was like to be there. When we arrived we were told to beg for food and we did. We received a bowl of rice and an orange. Kyle and I sat on the sidewalk in reverence to the fact that we had received a gift. We were extremely happy to see the rice and orange. So we sat and with deliberate pleasure at our feast. We took our time and enjoyed our gift there cross legged on the monastery sidewalk.
It was a ceremony, a thanksgiving, a pleasant time.

Our daughter sells cloth that makes people love washing dishes. It is remarkable at the way her products work. Washing dishes with her products is a silent prayer and a blessing, a time spent cleaning in prayer. It is a way of life like a grandmother's Thanksgiving Dinner.

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  1. thanks, dad :)
    if i don't sell any, you all might be getting some of these for christmas...let me know which ones you like now :)
    (you too, sandy)