Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I normally go to bed early as my legs go nuts because they are used to walking miles and miles but in these last 10 years they do not go anywhere because the nerves in my back say no to walking. So I go to bed early because mom does not like me bouncing my legs while watching TV. I guess I will have to get a stationary bicycle to absorb all the pent up energy. I can ride a bike and lift weights with my arms (not my back). I will look into a reclining bike.

I got up at midnight last night and have not gone back to bed. I am not tired. I called a pool man yesterday to help me put my winter cover on the pool this year. He may come tomorrow if he can. He said he would try to work me in. I cannot ask mom to help me with the cover it is too much for both of us.
I will ask him to come next Late March/Early April to remove the winter cover.

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