Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Difference Between Ron/Rand Paul and Tomas

I am sore from lifting the heavy sand bags from the pool. It did not hurt me. I have gone as far as I can go on the pool. Help from a pool service is coming today.
Mentally I feel great. My body has aged and I lumber like an old man.
Mom is off today and she is at her powerful XP computer. It is an old machine and she loves it.
Something as nice today would run around  $5,000.
She got extra memory, a nice monitor, a state of the art graphics package, great software, extra hard drives and all the bells and whistles of the time.

Does progressive mean working people at minimum wages, burning coal and diesel without regulation and chugging away like China (where they do not give a dam about human beings) or does progressive mean that we have learned about our mistakes and have taken the time to insure human well being on the planet earth.
I believe each one of us is the government and they believe in small government (I have no clue what that means other than kleptocracy, dictatorship or anarchy).
We are a society of human beings, we have united our interests in a document. The document says that we are the government. We choose to behave as we vote.
In today's world, powerful world companies have pushed their power into our heads of state on our continent.

Is it one person one vote
Is it one person eight votes or more.
Is it all world corporations only.

The broken circle represents a PAC or Lobbyists that allows us to vote more than once by influencing the government before or after an election.
This is not what our country founders wanted in this government.

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