Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Morning. I am posting a little later in the morning and all the kinks and soreness have worn off and I feel really good. Our skies are overcast ant it is warm out (mid 60's) for this time of year.
Mom and I went out to find some color with the leaves this year and somehow we missed the change. All the leaves are on the trees still and they are turning but nothing spectacular in color.
It was a pleasant ride up on Cotton Patch and in town with mom after work.
Mom was tired and very sore yesterday; she says she needs some massage therapy; I am not to swift on that at all.

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  1. Highway 154 near Jamestown, Tennessee heading towards Monticello, Kentucky has some of the most spectacular colors your eyes could ask for. It's like a picture post card but there are no shoulders on the road to stop in to take pictures. I was so in awe while driving that Jimmy had to remind me of the curves in the road. I almost couldn't take my eyes off the magnificent deep dark shades of reds, orange, yellows, greens and tan fall colors and all the time I was thinking that Jimmy should have been driving so at least I could take out my camera and stick it out the window as we drove by.