Thursday, May 5, 2011

  1. Where in the World is?
  2. Osama Bin Laden
  3. Waldo
  4. Carmen Sandiego

I got the yard mowed but it was a swamp out there. I had run over some parts in a fast gear with the blade up just to let it dry out a bit over night. Maybe today I might get to try/do it again; what a mess.
I will pick up some of the grass clippings where it can be done today.
I feel good mentally and I took a couple of Tylenol before bed last night and I actually slept well. I still had to prop an elbow against my chest to lay comfortable but it is easier to sleep now. I can lean over and compute now where as in the last two weeks I had to have the laptop on my lap to compute.
The water over some roads are going down which is good for us. Last fall we as a city were looking for a new water supply as our city lake was getting pretty low - so much for that problem.
They still need to dredge it out to deepen it a bit.
I wrote the President about dredging the lakes, reservoirs and rivers but he seems preoccupied with other problems at the moment.

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