Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am more than overwhelmed at the things I have to do. The websites are easy because you just do them without too much research.
History of the NARFE Chapter: The latest task I have created for myself is recording and listening to the data I record. I find that a bit overwhelming since I cannot type , I hunt and peck. But what the members tell me is part of the history of the chapter.
Our rain has put our pool and yard weeks behind. I will mow wet grass today since it is going to be the second dry day this week. Yesterday the water was still moving through the yard and today it is surface mud under the lawn. Tomorrow there is a threat of rain again.
The garden is way behind because of the rain and deer. The fence goes up sometime this week and the garden is planted. The garden is soaking wet.
I am overwhelmed with things to do when it dries out. I might be able to place the tomatoes in the mud to get them in the ground this week.


  1. That's just like I feel...overwhelmed. Taking over and doing everything that Jimmy did is almost impossible for me and my back, but I will do what I can. The lawn needs mowing and weedeated, but I'm afraid that is going to have to wait until the grass dries out. I think it rained hard yesterday.

  2. our yard is still wet, but drying out too
    our lawn mowing guy came over yesterday to see if it was dry enough....apparently not, because it is still scruffy. He graciously picked up all my sticks/branches from the last storm + the basketball goal that was still knocked over leaning on the fence. It is sunny out and not terribly muddy out (relatively speaking) so i might just take the kids out for the afternoon, though i have tons to do inside. My purple spiderworts are blooming and look really pretty