Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why do we assume that a chubby 13 year old girl firing a machine gun into someones body is a good sales pitch?

Did you see the ad for a popular killing game.

Is it responsible Sony?

Is it responsibly Nintendo?

Is it responsible Microsoft?

I do not have a clue.
I know that these games are meant to make our young soldiers sharp and dexterous.
These games were funded by the government 30 years ago.
I think the ads have taken to the deep murky end of Alice's Rabbit Hole. They have gone beyond the gel to enlighten sex or the skimpy bra ads.

Can we assume that logic will make the choice of using a gun to kill a good remedy for ones frustrations.
We know that that logic has been used before.
It has most of the time been lost boys hidden behind good manner and quiet fathers that are still doing 11th grade homework.

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