Sunday, November 21, 2010

On and on an on an......

Mom is home today. There is morning fog this morning but not as thick as yesterdays fog. I have been combating a foul taste in my mouth and a draining of my sinuses. The sinus drainage did relieve a headache that persisted over the last two days off and on. I was wanting to blame the shot I took at Walmart to head off the winter seasonal flu.
I did get to watch basketball yesterday (Kentucky vs Portland) and I am happy about the outcome.
I spent quite a bit of my time doing chores and typing what I think on this computer. I did write the White House and I did tell them what I think. I will write my congressmen today and tell them what I think also.
I am heating some tea water and mom put a pot of water on to boil to give us some moisture in our home.
Mom is working longer hours now at Walmart. They like her diplomatic hard nose attitude. I still have a cough from yesterday. The tea pot is whistling, time for some red tea. I had coffee yesterday.
Rest seems to have helped my back but that is only a temporary as I know that the problem last time led to surgery. Hopefully the less stress on my spine will keep me away from the hospital.
I did my stretching this morning.

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