Monday, November 8, 2010

We are a Great Socoeity

We have a military that watches over us with it's umbrella of air ships, ships, radar and law. Historical law helped industry develop safe industries for our foods under the umbrella. Strong unions under the umbrella helped industry develop safe working conditions for everyone. All this was at a cost from our paychecks. Nothing is free. Industry was always trying to cut costs and was constantly at war with the unions.
Nothing is free. We were tired of paying for the road in front of our homes. Along came Ronald Reagan who said we do not need government warehouses of goods or people to run this great society. So he cut spending for government warehouses (thousands of warehouses(jobs)). Manufactures quit supplying those warehouses ((jobs) now we have long waits for auto parts)). Reagan said the umbrella did not cover the warehousing of those that were mentally ill.
George H. W. Bush decided that corporations could do all the governments tasks and the money saved would trickle down through society (well they left the country and are now trickling down on foreign lands ( because they did not want to pay taxes, retirements, or high wages) ).
So now we have no corporate taxes in our great society.
George W. Bush decided to cut taxes for everyone, "HURRAH NO TAXES!!"
Nothing is free remember so everyone was doing the jobs at minimum wages, smaller work force, smaller government and everyone is paying less for government services (remember the road in front of your home and the umbrella over your head).
Nothing is free.
So everyone says that the government is too big because we borrowed from China to pay for the road and umbrella.

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