Wednesday, November 10, 2010

50 Degrees at 9AM

My laptop this morning started to slow down. At first I thought it was my antivirus program doing it's job but that only runs on Sundays or when I ask it. It was some program that popped up while I was glancing at headlines this morning.
It sure slowed this rascal down to a crawl. I felt I was on the freeway at breakfast (I watch a lot of TV).
Our expressways here in Kentucky are nothing compared to everyone else. Our land is cheaper than elsewhere in the United States but no one wants to live here because of the feuds, the girls in tight shorts, Boss Hog and Mitch.
Anyway I moved some stuff to my desktop in my daughters room and that helped. I will have to save that stuff to a DVD sometime this week. My laptop does not burn DVD's.


  1. Those of us who live in Kentucky are trying to keep it that way....
    We don't want anyone else moving here to Kentucky and bringing their city ways to our backwards existence which we love.

  2. I hope that your computer is running faster today. Love you.