Friday, November 5, 2010

It is raining outside this morning. It is a perfect fall day wet and dreary. All I need now is to be wandering the streets wet and tired. I am not outside and I am not wet. I spent a lot of time outside locking towboats in the rain and snow at the dam on days like this. It was our job (somebody has to be cold and wet on days like these) and like they say the mail has to be delivered and it was the same at the lock and dam. We never closed and we did not shut it down because of lightning, strong winds or icy conditions. What we did was lock boats in any weather.
I feel great even though our friend has had a bad accident. We sent our condolence but that is never enough for the pain and suffering endured.
Mom is off at work and I am about to empty a closet and remove the carpet in it (Our son's room).
Time for some strong red tea.

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